DEC 1-11th: B1G1 1/2 off! Myrrh and Frankincense Duos! 

Stick Incense or Resins for the holisay spirit in your home.

DEC 12-18th: Buy 3 Essential Oils and get $2 off each.

Get your scents in time to make your own blends!

DEC 19-24th: $5 Eucalyptus Rosemary Cleansing Bundles

*While Supplies Last

DEC 26-31: MOONCAKE Pressed Bath Squares are the way to relax after the holiday. Buy 3 get one FREE


- DIY Bath Bombs with Mrs. Aurora

*Pre-registration now open for 2 classes:

-How to S.P.E.L.L. 

-Aurora's Herbal Intensive 2023 (read more to the right)



-Holiday Make and Take

-December Dance Extravaganza

-Witchy Meet Up


(Check them out on our Facebook "EVENTS" for the days they will be in either our Green Bay or Appleton Shops!)

-Anointed Intuitions Numerology with Mr. Travoit

-Readings With Selene


Join us for the MOST requested and popular class we offer. This one a year opportunity gives you hands on and personal insight into the herbs you've been wanting to learn how to identify, store, and use, to create an herbal practitioner's dream. 

Mrs. Aurora shares her 30 years of experience with you, and passes on her knowledge of Wisconsin grown herbs and others. Learn to make salves, teas, and so much more! See our EVENTS PAGE for the EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT, only valid until January 1st! 

The DEC Subscription boxes are perfect for sharing as stocking stuffers! 
We have 2 sizes of either an HERBAL or METAPHYSICAL themed box. Hand curated by Mrs. Aurora herself. Discover the products you didn't know you wanted, buy deserved. 
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The Online Sale of the Month

B1G1 1/2 Off Mulling Spices

Delight in the fall flavours the can be infused into Apple Cidre or Wine! Fill bag with herbs and follow instructions.
Don't forget to crush them to use the same bag a second time. This will help you get the most out of your celebrations and go twice as far! 

Get one for yourself or your host/hostess as a thank you this holiday. 



Cinnamon- Known as one of the 50 fundamental herbs of traditional Chinese medicine, *Cassia cinnamon is referred to as kwei-shi in many Chinese dialects. The capital of Guangxi Province is named Kweilin after the spice. It was given the name in 216 BCE by Qin Shihuangdi, the Qin Dynasty’s first emperor.* This spice is sold in powder or bark form as a neat quill or sticks. At one time in the past, it was worth more than its weight in gold.

Some medically proven benefits of taking Cinnamon include: degenerative nerve issues, blood sugar levels, improve sensitivity to insulin, and lowering risks of cholesterol and heart disease ( From inflammation to bacteria or fungus, you can use cinnamon essential oil topically, as well for mood effects when diffused in a room.


The most common myth on how it was discovered was when Herodotus claimed that Ox meat should be left at the base of mountains where birds built nests made of it. In exchange for the meal, they would bring down the cinnamon bark. Currently, you can find it at your nearest Aurora’s. No ox meat or mountains required.

December is Handwashing Awareness Month

With school and work beginning to affect us, make sure to keep the germs at bay. Start by cleaning and killing your chances of getting sick.  

Try our home spray, make your own soap with soap nut berries, or grab our anti-plauge spray for when you visit other spaces.  

New Featured Items for a new Season


We were so delighted to meet and work with them. Find out what the owners have to share.