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New releases and seasonal best from our lab

Candle Magic Kit
Jumbo Wool Dryer Balls
Assorted Crystals
Door County Honey
Natural Deodorant
Sansual Massage/Fragrance Roll On
The June Subscription boxes bloom with relief and allignment!
We have 2 sizes of  HERBAL or METAPHYSICAL themed boxes! Hand curated by Mrs. Aurora herself. Discover the products you didn't know you wanted, but deserved.
*(Large is pictured)
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-Midwestern Mystic

-Anointed Intuitions

-Starlight Studio

-Psychic Medium: Angel Victoria

June is PTSD Awareness Month
See what we offer to help ease stressors and provide comfort to you spiritually.

Finding positivity everyday is difficult. We try to offer products that can benefit the body, frames of mind, and feelings. 

When incorporating things into your regiment, don't forget about the beneficial influence, holistic practices can bring. 
Nutrient rich, NETTLE TINCTURE can be used as a daily supplement. Good at combating seasonal and acute allergies, nettle can be found almost anywhere!

Tested on friends and students who suffered from allergies, I received write ups from them all on how it helped them. Chronic sufferers reported diminished animal allergy reactions. Seasonal Sufferers found relief from hay fever and pollen.

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