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Weeds to Riches

Updated: Apr 5

Old Man Winter’s grip has has finally let go.

Warm air is starting to move in, the sun has been shining for a few weeks now,

grass all soaked and wet from the melted snow.

Pulsing through me is the energy of rebirth.

I start to spread and grow, first sending out my smallest leaves.

Oh, what a wonderful treat! Look at me grow, I reach for the sky!

Now i'm getting well-established,

I’ve sent out plenty of leaves.

Maybe now I can show the world my true beauty.

I'll start with one, one beautiful flower,

stretched out so everyone can see.

Oh no is it raining on me? Tuck that flower back in,

I have to preserve you see!

Next time I won't be so careless,

maybe I'll send out two or three.

Oooo that tickles, who stopped to sniff me? It’s my friend little Miss Bee.

As we do a little dance in the breeze she likes to collect pollen from me.

She brought all her friends to visit me, I’m the first snack of the season you see!

So many benefits to ingesting me: I help get rid of diabetes!

Need a system flush? Just eat some of my beautiful flowers; I was brought here to help!

And now people are trying to kill me out! I’m much stronger than they think. My roots run deep.

Now summer is in full swing, I have to think ahead. I have a plan so I don't end up dead! My flowers turn to seed so they can be spread, with a gust of wind my plan takes off without much fuss. Pick me up, make a wish. Wish that we can all live healthily again. Pfff and away I go. Don’t worry, I’ll see you soon again.

Sincerely, Dandelion

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