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The Stones On My Table

Updated: Apr 5

(I want to preface this all by saying that everyone's experience is personal. What works for may or may not be what's best for you. Consider your own needs, goals, and intuition. My hope is that by sharing my own setup I can give you some ideas on what to try for yourself.) Anyone who's seen me in person for a reading knows that I have a fairly well-decorated reading table. Some of these are just the normal essentials: A notepad for people to take notes if they wish, a box of tissues, maybe some mints or candy. What I really want to talk about today, however, are the different stones I always make sure to keep around. The stones I keep around for readings have all been in my collection for quite a few years. There are certainly a lot of people out there who are more sensitive to the energies of stones than I am, but I've found these few to resonate really well with me and the work I do. They all have their own purpose on my table as well as their own story, and some have been my companions for well over 15 years. I'd like to share a few of them with you today.

Amethyst This one is my big "third eye" opener. Amethyst is a great stone for tapping into your intuition as well as for opening up your spiritual perception. I always say I'm just the messenger, and this stone is wonderful for helping to make sure the message comes through loud and clear. Smokey Quartz I never know what sort of energies someone is bringing with them when they sit down at my table. I don't blame anyone, of course, but I also need to be a good custodian of both my own energy as well as the energy of my space. That's where smokey quartz comes in. This is my 'filter stone.' Its job is to catch any errant energies around my table - sometimes even my own - and keep the space conducive to healing. Fluorite This is my 'communication' stone. Fluorite is great for helping organize our thoughts so we can understand with clarity. It puts our brain into learning mode so we can really tap into the lessons of any experience. It also enhances recollection and memory capacity, so I keep it around to help my clients better remember the details of the reading. Hematite This is such a useful stone, I feel like every reader should keep this one handy! Hematite is a grounding stone - that means it calms you down and keeps you 'in the moment' of the reading. It's terrific for calming anxiety and calming the mind when dealing with stress and overthinking. It's also a great tool for readers after the reading, to help disperse any leftover energies and ready oneself for the next reading. Tiger Eye This one is all about empowering my clients. Tiger Eye gives confidence, especially when it comes to being assertive and making choices. It also assists with removing shyness and fear. I keep it around to help my clients feel empowered. I want everyone to feel safe with discussing anything they need to, and my goal is always to leave people after a reading feeling more in-control of their lives and ready to handle whatever fate throws their way. Quartz My last 'must-have' is for me. You might have even noticed me holding it in one hand during a reading! I keep quartz for clarity, both in the messages I see for you as well as my own clarity in how I convey those messages. Quartz keeps the energy flowing, so it's also useful for working through that 'stuck' feeling that all readers sometimes get. There you have it! Hopefully this gives you a little more insight into why I decorate my table the way I do. For you fellow readers out there, give some of these a try and let me know what you think! Or post the stones you use yourself in the comments below!

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