Stone Stories: The use, origin, myth, or cultural attributes of...Sunstone aka Heliolite

Updated: Apr 5

Stoic Sunstone: “You are going to be made chief tomorrow. The basalt field is where you must go to gather it. Far in the lava flows you shall see it grow. The sunstone holds great power for our leaders. The blood of an ancient warrior, who died defending his people there are in it. The creator saw his courage and where his life force was spilled, the stone bloomed from the ground.”

“What will I need it for Grandma?” A fresh-faced young man asked finally after lifting his head from bowing. Sitting on his knees in front of the row of long grey-haired women, he saw what they were making. Small beads were being threaded by each one, onto a collar that would cover his chest.

“Each bead,” his grandma continued, “represents the things a leader must consider with every choice. There is one here from each of us and symbolizes what we have learned in life and are passing to you. Wisdom, Generosity, Insight, Vitality, Confidence, Optimism, Independence, Creativity, Prosperity, and Fearlessness. These are not for when you encounter an enemy, they are for when you find conflict in yourself.”

As the last small stone was threaded, he noticed a gap. The last area was large and he knew that he would need to find an ancestor stone to finish it before the ceremony.

“The last one to be added though is the most important. When you search for it, be patient” Grandma winked at him, “because it will find you and bring blessings and joy.”

She held up the collar that was near completion. All 10 women nodded in agreement of quality. Grandma smiled mischievously then spoke once more as he rose to leave for his quest. “Good luck! Whenever you doubt yourself, these will remind you of who you are and what you need to do. Bring back a new leader to us!”

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