Stone Stories: The use, origin, myth, or cultural attributes of...Pyrite

Updated: Apr 5

Pyrite’s Promise: The priestess placed me on her head and then stood up. I was attached to the llama leather bands and carved in the shape of the sun. She walked out to the edge of the mountain. As the dawn broke over the Andes, she drew her net pouch from her belt. Feet planted facing the rising star on the horizon, she spread the stones on the woven throw covered altar before her. Stones of lapis, cobalt, gold, silver, iron, and halite tumbled forth from the bag.

“On this day of Summer, the Fire begins. Bring forth the flames in my spirit to enhance my passion. Let my creativity be sparked like this gold stone sparks the hearth to life. These gems, which pyrite all is found in or grows in, shows how a fire can rise in at any time and survive surrounded by anything. It has promised me to bring luck and enhanced my strength of mind and will. As the stones have settled, they say intelligence will be strong and intuition will be true.”

With that said, she turned to the crowd and pulled another carved sun headpiece from her pocket and leaned forward down into a basket. A baby born that night slept while the mother held the precious bundle. “She will make a fine priestess for the stones have deemed her lucky. May she be welcomed to this world by all, just like we smile at the sunrise each day, little Inti.”

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