Stone Stories: The use, origin, myth, or cultural attributes of...Emerald

Updated: Apr 5

Emerald's Effect: The philosopher picks me up from the path that I fell out of a merchant's bag onto. He holds me up to the light to inspect me. "Hmm, it is a curious thing that a small green gem can hold the colour of envy and power of equilibrium." He closes his hand around me and hums as we travel to a gathering.

I feel his warmth and gentle grasp as I turn in his palm. There is a spring in his step now and he walks with purpose and confidence. I hear him argue with himself, presenting points and counterpoints. His logic is clear, his thoughts well-planned and spoken. Then he stops suddenly. Again, he stretches me towards the sun and I feel that heat now instead. "I have a second though about you friend. Perhaps you hold more purpose than I believed. I need not carry you for luck with encouragement for debate or eloquence, as I am a philosopher by nature. Nor could I use you for focus or vitality, for I am still young.

I do know to whom you may be of service and you shall serve there. To help love persevere and enhance gentleness and abundance of hour later "Mother! Father! I've a gift for you on your anniversary!"

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