Stone Stories: The use, origin, myth, or cultural attributes of...Amethyst

Updated: Apr 5

Amethyst’s Arrangement: “9,000 years it has been brought down from the mountain tops. It is known as one of the Eyes of God to us. We hear tale that it lines the halls of your Heaven along with 11 other stones. This is gathered and freely given to encourage the prosperity of our followers.” The Buddhist monk continued scaling the mountain as a gemologist followed. “You know, we can make it in labs now. There was a huge deposit found in South America too. Of all the different types, this one is most valued, but surely, there must be an easier way to get the stones you need?”

As they climbed, the gemologist’s continuing words were lost on the wind howling around them. “We do not seek this for monetary gain. It is for the spiritual benefit,” the monk thought. “It is to help us attain balance and bring us closer to God. It protects from the stress of life so we can balance our emotions and clear our minds. We value this stone for the clarity it brings when we reflect on our actions. We give this stone in generosity to others to purify them and enhance wisdom and give guidance through insight. We do not sell this. We earn its graces through prayer. You will earn this through humility.”

As they crested the peak, the dormant volcano showed off a sparkling array of quartz and amethyst growing in clusters ringing the caldera. There they stood, in awe of the rainbow light the facets of the gems gave off, reflecting through the mist carried by the howling wind. “It’s lovely. I can’t imagine a place more inspiring,” the gemologist said astounded. The monk walked into the center of the ring and sat on a purple coloured pillow, and folded his legs. “Agreed, I can envision no other like it,” as he took out his lavender toned prayer beads and gazed up at the sky…

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