Stone Stories: The use, origin, myth, and cultural attributes of...Optical Calcite

Updated: Apr 5

Optical Calcite's Compass: “When are we to see land again? It has been weeks. The stocks are low, the men are tired and the water is running out. We cannot exist in this state any longer. Use the stone.” “See to your prayers, Torsten. This is our first journey together, the gods will see us home. We’ve a successful trip, with plenty of goods we traded for. This fog will go with the breeze and when it does, the wing beats of the Valkyrie will fill these sails with the winds of victory. You are right though…come to the bow with me."

Torsten followed his father, who drew out a small oiled leather pouch, frayed and worn, and opened it. “Hold out your hands.” As he brought them together, a square stone that wasn’t quite perfectly square dropped onto his rough palms. “This is the key to finding the horizon through the dark times. When the skies yield no answers and the stars shine not. This is an Iceland Spar from when our ancestors found the land. It is what our family cherishes to be able to earn enough to survive. This is the key to the seas. Having this stone on journeys will help with keeping the navigator calm. It will give you a sense of clarity in more than one way. It instills forever hope in the men that we will return safe, and motivates them from laze to encourage positivity. This optimism helps everyone on the ship work towards getting back safe.”

“Your grandfather spoke of the optimism he always had just carrying it near. The reassurance of the spar lessened the stress of trips and repelled any poor morale or tension amongst us. I think with your mood lately, it is time I pass it on to you. It is time for you to learn how to find the sun through the haze and storms. I’m sure you will apply that same lesson to your path in life once we get back. Hilde will be awaiting your key and your new household awaits.”