Stone Stories: The use, origin, myth, and cultural attributes of...Onyx

Updated: Apr 5

Onyx’ Custom: “That stone is the stone of sadness! It will bring bad luck if you keep it!” The boy yelled to the girl. She was visiting from a different port, and the ship she came on had peculiar sails he had never seen. She was skipping rocks moments before until she picked up a black one from the shore. “I thought you’d be down here. Have this,” he said walking down to her. Holding out a new fruit she had not seen, she accepted it with the hand the stone was not in.

“What is so bad about this? Where I come from, we love this rock. It’s everywhere,” she recalled excitedly. “I’ve had one since I was little. It helped me not be afraid of the dark. Mom and Dad got one when they got married to protect against arguments and to be happy forever. Gran'

dad has his for good fortune and to bring good friends. He likes meeting new people. That’s why we are here! What stone do you keep with you?” she asked curiously.

“None,” he replied. “We don’t keep things that don’t do anything. They just sit there, or help make our walls or keep heat at night in the fire. What would I do with it anyways? I have nothing to carry it in.” As he patted his sides, she saw he had no pockets on his tunic. She ran over to the shoreline where the reeds grew and picked 3. Then she sat and made a braid, which she wrapped around the black skipping stone like twine on a package. She brought it over to him after tying the ends together in a knot. “Then you wear it silly! Like I wear mine,” she claimed. The girl pulled hers out from under her hair to show the same wrapping, and gave him the new necklace. “We all keep our on us to make sure we live a good life with meaning. When we give one to a new friend, it is so that we will be friends for life!”