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Stone Stories: The use, origin, myth, and cultural attributes of...Malachite

Updated: Jul 18

Malachite’s Journey: A heart was what they carved me into. A shape I had not thought to take. A girl gave me to her brother. He was going away from her. She said I would protect him, that I was good luck in battle. With my stripes, I could help him see patterns he might not otherwise. My colours showed the same fierceness as he had in his eyes. That if danger should be near, I would break to warn him. That if he was sad or discouraged, he shouldn’t be since I was with him.

She said I would help him with concentration and that I could help him change outcomes. She spoke like she knew what I was meant for. She spoke like she knew I’d bring him home safe. So I did all the things the girl said I would and the boy returned, I was in pieces but I knew I had done well and right by her words. So ends my journey.

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