Stone Stories: The use, origin, myth, and cultural attributes of...Lapis Lazuli

Updated: Apr 5

Lapis Lazuli’s Legends- “Oh, the master will be so pleased with this one! I bet he’ll move me up from apprentice once he sees this!” a boy cried out enthusiastically. I joined a few others in a pouch the looked like me. We were all the same colour. For a time it was dark and then we tumbled out on to a flat surface. A man stared down at us with a hand on his chin. “You’ve done well young one! Now, take them to crush up. Here is your week’s earnings plus some for your good work. I needed more ultramarine paint.

The boy scooped us all back up and we went into a big bowl. There was a stick that came down and began to blend us together. He added a large amount of rain to us that didn’t just pass by. As I started to lose my form the boy smiled wider with each circle of his arm. The pestle grinding us against the sides, we slowly dissolved into a paste and then he added more water and continued. He talked to us while doing so. “You guys are so precious. My mom uses you for creativity, like Master does. She says you bring peace. I know the Priests use you for exorcisms when demons take people. Pharaohs used to use you for help in the afterlife, and even King Soloman had a ring of you that Angels gave him! He used it to command demons to help him build things. I guess my master uses you to build his dreams on canvas. Wait until you see what it is. It will be remembered for years, maybe even decades!”

As he continued talking we heard words like: clarity, honesty, and compassion. We also could make out honesty, wisdom, and intuition. “There! All done. You’re the right consistency now! Please help my master finish his work and do well to keep your colour?” He then brought us upstairs to the same man we had seen before and the work the boy was talking about we saw was breathtaking. We were made a part of it now and I hope we made the boy proud.