Stone Stories: The use, origin, myth, and cultural attributes of...Citrine

Updated: Apr 5

Citrine’s Gathering-“Oh, it is morning!” The cash drawer opens and I see my favorite worker who counts my roommates that live in the other slots of the drawer. I have the room farthest to the left. Sometimes, I get visitors, roommates the same color as me! They have a lady on them. I get to see different faces through the week. They chose me to help with balancing what they call money.

I watch and keep guard to make sure everything goes right. They get very happy when we have house parties with lots of new guests. At the end of the night, they go away though and I get my space to myself. The workers I see say hi to me and ask that I bring lots of new friends to the house so I try my best. I hear the friends they like are presidents from the past and great men who drop by. I get to meet some of them because they stay the whole day!

I like to think I keep the party going. I make sure everyone stays as long as they can and that they like it here. I try to keep them all together so we can have fun the entire time. It’s always fun when we have a full house and the workers thank me for bringing everyone!

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