Stone Stories: The use, origin, myth, and cultural attributes of...Blue Tiger's Eye aka Hawk's Eye

Updated: Apr 5

Hawk Eye's Bravery- As the boy helped with clearing the fields of stone for the new crops, he carried a large boulder to the corner and dropped it. Upon hitting the ground, it split, revealing a blue banded core. “Father! There is something you should see!” As the elder man walked over, wiping sweat from his neck in the spring sunshine, he looked and marveled.

“Well then! Looks like the gods are smiling on you”, he said kneeling down. “This is Falcon’s Eye, this is one of the more protective stones known. Our village leader has one he found as a boy. He said it encourages the town’s prosperity. He is a logical man that sees through people’s words when they try to fool him. I once asked him if that was why he was so wise. He told me that the stone works on him too when he knows better. It encourages him to be honest with himself and be true to his instincts.”

“What of the stories of the past though?” The son asked with enthusiasm. “Is it true it can change your path and help you with success? How does it do that too?” The older man reached his hand for the top of the rock and leaned on it as he rose up. “It does it by relaxing your fears and temper. It helps you speak from a place of integrity and honor, never falling prey to misguiding advice. It emboldens you to have an attitude that will give you the curiosity to seek new horizons.”

He patted the stone twice while looking at it thoughtfully and then turned to gaze at his son with a melancholy grin. “I guess this sign means you going to the city like we talked about is a blessed choice. I see now you, will be on the correct path towards greatness. I will miss you.”

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