• Dante

Still Waters [Four of Cups]

So far, this has been the most challenging card for me to define. Not because there is anything unusual about the card. This card, in fact, reduces to a fairly simple idea, (which I will get to shortly.) My issue with describing this card is how so many OTHER people describe it. In my research, almost ALL the definitions of this card require a certain context in a reading in order to be meaningful. There’s the classic Rider image where a man is sitting, arms and legs crossed, at the base of a tree. He looks at three cups, and does not look up at one being offered to him. Too many definitions focus on this man’s potential attitude, and his reasons for not accepting the cup being held out to him. “Know when to say ‘enough.’ ” “Apathy.” “Boredom.” “Refusal to acknowledge good things offered to you.” And even “temperance,” are the most common ‘definitions’ of this card…

But what if we strip away some of the pictures? Why DID this image become so iconic for this card? We know that Cups is an emotional, spiritual, lucky, personal suit. The number four brings consistency, stability, balance and calm to the suit. Water’s fluid, shifting, conforming energy for a moment lies still.

Four of Cups from the Lotus Tarot