Seasonal Recipes featuring HONEY!

Updated: Apr 5

We all remember playing outside, smelling flowers and all of a sudden, a BEE! As children, we may have been scared of them; but, we all knew that they had a secret.

They made something delicious and almost magical. Nowadays, we’re grown, and understand the process of how it is created. Back then though, the anticipation of perhaps putting extra on your cheerios, or even on peanut butter toast was cause for excitement. From putting some in our tea as an adult to adding it to other dishes in exciting ways, let us at Aurora’s Apothecary share some ways we love to enjoy our honey during the colder months.

Breakfast- Mrs. Aurora herself made mention of her favourite way to enjoy our product- Herb Infused Honey. Pouring some Lemony honey over hot griddle cakes for breakfast during this winter will bring a whole new spin to breakfast. It’s easy to make and may not last you the Winter, it will disappear so fast! Read how to make your own herb infused honey here!

Lunch- Even with Summer gone, we still sometimes crave the vitamins and minerals that produce has to offer. A Honey and Apple Cider Vinaigrette has two uses that can complete a lovely luncheon. You can put it on a salad or use it as a glaze for salmon. Serving both together will compliment each other. Just mix: 1⁄4 C. apple cider vinegar, 2 Tbsp water, 2 Tbsp honey, 1 ½ tsp salt, ¼ tsp pepper in a container and shake. You can then add ¾ C Olive oil and shake for 2 minutes or until the mixture combines. This will keep in the refrigerator for 6-9 months. Use it sparingly as it can be very strong and shake every time before use!

Snack- Mr Dante and I both agree that the best way to use honey as a snack is on the Pillsbury biscuit. Just drizzle on and enjoy. Be careful when you put it on them hot out of the oven though, as the heat will make the honey less viscous and it may run faster than you can get it to your mouth! It’s the best balance of sugar and carbs to give enough energy to finish those inside projects we’re all working to get done.

Dinner- One of my favourite dishes from when I was a girl, was my Grandmother’s Sweet BBQ Pork Chops. It’s one I still make today by creating my own sauce. I’ve yet to find the time to make some in bulk so I can use it throughout the year, but that’s life. This recipe can be used as a marinade if you tend to plan your meals. It’s just 2 parts ketchup, 1 part honey and a ¼ part Worcestershire. You can add whatever spices and as much as you like. I use pepper, crushed celery seeds and basil to add a few layers of flavor. The ketchup has vinegar that will tenderize the meat and soften it and the honey will keep the moisture in, so no matter which cut of chops you get, it will help out the texture and flavor. Just pour and bake. Of course the heat will vary depending on your method and thickness of meat. My husband loves using the remainder in the dish to pour over mashed potatoes as the sugars in the ketchup almost caramelize to a rich sauce.

Dessert- Is there any other easier way to enjoy honey than over ice cream? Even during the darker months, we can all get that craving for something cold, but eating them together can remind us of the joy from summer months and remind us to look forward. “Honey over Butter Pecan Ice Cream, there’s nothing better!” according to Mr. Kevin.

So how do you enjoy your honey? Do you use it to bake? Enjoy it with a meal? Or mix it in with drinks? Let us and others know so we can all share ideas of how to imbibe this delicious treat the bees created and share with us!

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