Rows of Rose

Updated: Apr 5

Rose Petals: First evolving over 35 million years ago, roses have long been hailed as a flower beauty. The first rose salve was made by the Egyptians, The Persians used steam distillation to capture the essence, and the French popularized using it in food.

Rose is one of the more popularly used plants across topical, edible, and aromatherapy use. The cultivation of the flower has spread the globe and we cherish each soft petal.

When we see one we take the saying, "Stop and smell the roses", literally. Roses actually only release their fragrance when they are ready to be pollinated. The morning hours at the beginning of Summer are the best time to harvest them.

When adding to food like Rose pudding or glazes, a red petal can turn vinegar purple, but yellow, orange or mauve can turn brown quickly with heat. White is rarely used for food items due to some having diuretic properties. We use rose in most of our teas for the pleasing scent and also the taste.