Quarantine Recipes

Updated: Apr 5

It all started when we went to do our usual weekly grocery run. All we had to grab was snacks and drinks for game night with some new folks. Once there, it was busy. I was worried by the turn out. Looking around, there were faces of many folks who looked frightened. Maybe of not having enough food for their kids, maybe they had run out to get cleaning supplies. Everyone wanted to make sure they COULD get what they needed before it ran out and they couldn’t. We decided to return later that night and finish our trip after all had quieted down….

This turned into a 4 day search for toilet paper (we did find some by a miracle). The point was made to get any ingredients we were low on so we wouldn’t have to return or make little trips, seeing as those would be uncertain, if they were even possible. We were finishing stocking up the new house anyways after 2 months of gathering little by little so overall, we were in good enough shape to not worry. I do hope everyone else was able to get enough to not worry too.

The spice drawer was the main concern to have in good order. Spices are the longest lasting ingredient and we get one or 2 every month when they run out. Discovering a new way to make instant potatoes not taste like grainy, runny, flavourless mush was a goal I had set. Fresh potatoes from the produce aisle might be hard to come by during this baited-breath moment. No one knew. The easy 3 things to add were minced garlic, black pepper, and chives.