Preserving Your Harvest

All summer long you have been growing these mysterious herb plants in your garden. You walk by them and admire their green growth, seen a few send out some pretty flowers, bent down rubbed a leaf and taken in the delicious scent that each one has to offer, and maybe even picked some chives or basil to add to dinner, but what do we do with all of these plants beside let them go to seed and enjoy them again next year?

Most people grow herbs for culinary purposes, and most people use them fresh in the summer, but you can preserve these herbs so you can enjoy their flavors all year long.

August is the peek time for most herbs. They are in the height of their growing season. When clipping your plant to get the leaves that you want to harvest, you will want to leave at least half of the plant still intact so that it can replenish itself. Most herbs can withstand a good haircut at least 3 times during the summer.

Drying herbs is the easiest method and very effective. There are a few different methods.

~ Bunch your herbs into small bundles (making sure air can flow through them, to avoid molding in the middle), tie them at the base with rubber bands, flip one loop of the rubber band around a common plastic closet hanger. You can hang