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Make Me One With Everything [The World]

Updated: May 15

In a previous post we looked at using our passionate, creative energy to create something ‘real’ for ourselves. Today we’ve drawn the World card. This card is often jumped to as the ‘culmination’ card. All your hard work pays off. Everything you’ve experienced so far has meaning. You understand what you need to know. Jump up and down. Sing and dance. Revel in your success. Hurray. Even the figure in the Rider image is commonly referred to as the “World Dancer.”

This card also implies a kind of self-completion or self-fulfillment. You’ve grown up. You have completed this leg of the journey. Endless possibilities are all that await you now. Embrace and acknowledge everything that’s gone before, and celebrate the wonderful whatever-it-is that you’ve become.

While both of these ‘definitions’ are very accurate and valid, I actually find they only scratch the surface of what the World card implies. Sometimes it isn’t enough to have the world at your fingertips, your disposal, or your whim. The world can be your oyster, your highway, or your playground, but ultimately it’s your place IN the world that matters most of all. How do you connect to the world around you? What role do you fill? What do you take from the world around you? What do you give in return?

In my favorite Tarot deck of all time – The Vertigo Tarot – The World card is characterized by Swamp Thing. (Most of the deck’s Major Arcana features characters from various DC Vertigo comic book titles.) It took me a while to fully appreciate how a creature that’s basically an Earth Elemental can represent the qualities I described above. The conclusion I came to is that Swamp Thing doesn’t just exist in the world. He doesn’t simply move around the earth, living his own life separate from those around him. He IS the world. He is the ultimate example of connection to the planet and the people around him. It was only the death of another man which gave him life to begin with, and he spends much of his existence trying to understand the connections between himself and others.

This is the ultimate lesson of The World: Nothing exists in total isolation. We can pretend that our achievements in life are ours alone, but do we honestly believe that’s possible? Everything comes from somewhere. At work today I made a conscious effort to feel this ‘connection '. I kept my mood as positive as I could all day, and gently extended those ‘good vibes’ to every person I encountered. The results were impressive. It’s amazing how connected we are, even to people we barely know. You could say that part of this is that we’re all human. I’d say it’s more likely that there’s a little bit of the World Dancer in all of us. We recognize on some level that we’re all in this together. Which brings us to the other lesson that The World teaches us: You are not alone.

So reach out. Feel out your place in The World around you. As you brush up against all those things and people the universe has connected you to, greet them warmly. Cherish every connection for the lessons it brings. Enjoy the feeling that comes from knowing you are not alone. Extend warmth and joy to everything you can, and I promise you’ll feel it in return. You’ll probably feel for yourself why the World card features a figure that dances.

Happy thoughts till next time.

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