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Land Of Giants

Updated: Apr 5

In a land of giants, I'm just a baby. Time moves a bit slower for us.

I'm surrounded by ancient spirits. Looking over and protecting this place you call Earth.

We stay close together protection in numbers you see! We’ve been here since the beginning of time.

Humans find comfort and shelter among us. All creatures are welcome to frolic in the land of giants.

My favorite friend little birdie has swooped in and landed on me. She’s building a new shelter for her family of three, twigs and grass she stacks up, it's fun to watch her work so diligently.

Mr. Squirrel runs past with an acorn to bury, little chipmunk lets out a warning squeal startled by the human coming to borrow a few of my needles. They burn them to ward off negativity.

We all live in balance.

The day’s are getting shorter now, Sun is setting soon, about to go down.

All around me colors abound, beautiful red, yellow, orange; but, not me.

I stay green with some shades of brown. SWISH…. big gusts of wind send the colors around.

Mr. Squirrel is frantically running on the ground. Little Birdie stops to say she’ll see me the next time the sun is around.

Legend has it that the Cherokee Creator made day and night balanced. The people wanted it to always be daytime and asked the creator to grant the request. Not happy with people dying, they then asked for it to always be night time and he granted that too but the same thing happened. The Cherokee pleaded with the creator, please return it to the way of balance. Being saddened by the loss, The Creator put all the lost spirits in me. Now you can feel the energy of the ancestors in me. Pulsing from the Earth through my roots and up out my leaves.

Next time you take a stroll through the land of giants stop and pay me a visit.

Sincerely, Cedar

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