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Initiation of Earth [Page of Pentacles]

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

“A student.” “Someone absorbed in learning.” “A person who studies magic.”

You’ll see it over and over. This poor page seems to always get stuck with one meaning. I don’t mean to imply that these definitions are wrong per se…. just that there’s so much more to what this card can mean. The court cards should certainly be more versatile than the rest of the Minor Arcana. Let’s break down the elements of this card, and see if we can’t elaborate on it a little bit.

The Pages are very much a kind of ‘beginning.’ This isn’t the raw, base-material root of the Ace, but the pages DO represent a kind of beginning where the energy of the suit manifests and personifies itself in the world. Pages are the first steps on a journey. They emerge, newly-born, into the ‘world’ of whatever suit they occupy. They are the point of initiation.

The Pages also use experience to define themselves and their identities. There is a very well-loved deck of mine that actually depicts the Pages as headless. It is their form, their bodies, and how they sense and experience the ‘world’ of their suit that defines them. They have not yet begun to intellectually alter their self-image.

What does all this mean for the suit of Pentacles?

When we are ‘born’ into an earth suit, we form our identity by the ‘earthy’ things we experience. Being a Page, it’s too soon to form our own ideas based on the work we do, or things we have or accomplish. All we can do is absorb in as much as we are able. We touch things, feel our way around, and we learn. This is where the idea of a student comes in. To act in harmony with the suit, but at too early a stage to create or change the world to our own ends, we can only learn from what is around us.

Pentacles is also a suit that can symbolize magical, as well as mundane work. (We can thank the Golden Dawn for that, I believe.) Whether it is a supernatural or more earthly discipline, the lesson of this Page is to remember there is MORE to the world than what you are learning. This Page becomes enraptured easily, and filled with such passion for the things it learns that he will quickly forget other people, things, or responsibilities. The Pages are perhaps the least ‘balanced’ of all the court cards.

Ultimately, this is an ‘earthy’ page, and there should be a productive future in store for anyone with such a passion for useful experience and knowledge. This is a traditionally ‘positive’ card, if you can call any of them positive or negative, but Temperance will remind us that even too much learning could cease to be a good thing.

Good thing Pages are only the beginning.

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