Tulsi (Holy Basil)

Updated: Apr 5

There are many new varieties of basil out there now but there is a very old variety of basil that is used for healing that you may not have heard of. Tulsi, or Holy Basil, is grown in India and is used in Ayurvedic healing practices in many middle eastern countries.

Just because it’s grown there, does not mean that we cannot grow it here just like our normal basils. Holy basil (Ocimum sanctum,) or tulsi, is a powerful herb. The small holy basil shrub with tiny lavender flowers is considered a sacred plant in India and is often worshiped. It was believed that the holy basil leaves had potent powers to flush out toxins from the body. Even now in India, people have tulsi water (water which has tulsi leaves soaked overnight) or chew on a tulsi leaf to improve overall health.