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Getting Gifts from Difficulties

Updated: Apr 5

These troubling times

My mind has been working double time!

Stress, anxiety, conspiracies, what does the future hold

Many people turn to drugs and or Alcohol to help calm the mind and body.

Not me I find my peace in nature.

Have taken many walks in the forest, to reconnect with earth,

and spent many hours in the garden.

I find hard physical labor gets the mind off things quite easily.

As we walk through the forest or a park take time to listen to nature.

I listen to the breeze through the trees and the animals moving around birds chirping.

You see they don’t have a care in the world and you can easily join them if you let your mind go there.

I stumbled upon a pond on one of my walks.

The frogs were singing a song of magical proportions.

I sat on the ground just to take in the concert.

What felt like a few minutes turned out to be a couple of hours.

Watching them eat bugs and feast on the flying beasts.

Take time to touch and taste the plants around you, but make sure you know what you are sampling.

I will nibble on plants and trees.

A little bite of pine needles is very refreshing to the mouth and quite an exciting taste.

Now that it’s warm enough take your shoes of and stand on the grass.

What a wonderful way to reconnect with Mother Earth!

My time spent in the garden has been hard work.

Building new beds, moving soil, it’s nice to get the heavy work done early while it’s still cool outside. Typically I feel like I don’t get enough time for these sort of things in my life.

So I guess this time has been a blessing.

Get your hands in the dirt it’s an amazing feeling.

The robins have been happy to see me in the garden.

I mix up the dirt and bring lots of snacks to the surface for them.

With all this hard work my future is full of rewards.

Soon enough, all our herbs will be in full bloom and all the vegetables I’m planting.

We will eat good this year you see, just like the robins, frogs, and trees!

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