Creating Your Herb Garden

Have you always wanted an herb garden of your very own? Whether you have acres of land or just a 4 foot by 4 foot area, you too can have a special space for all your herbs.

First, you have to decide which herbs you want to grow. What do you want to use them for: culinary, medicinal, bouquets, crafts? Make a list and then figure out what kind of growing conditions each one would prefer.

Do they come from the Mediterranean region (where a lot of our culinary herbs come from)? If so, they will like hot, sunny, and dry. Anything in the mint family , (which accounts for about 40% of our common herbs), can handle some shade and wetness. If they are a native herb (that we can find out in the wild here in Wisconsin), try to see what the conditions are in the wild and recreate that in your yard.