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At The Very Least [Ace of Cups]

The universe never seems to run out of ways to remind us how lucky we really are. This is the lesson of the Ace of Cups.

Aces typically represent ‘beginnings’ or ‘roots’. Personally I like to think of aces as the ‘base material.’ This is what we begin with. This is our raw material for whatever suit we find ourselves in. Here in cups, we have the flowing source of emotional and spiritual energy. This is deeper than just finding a new love, or beginning a new spiritual path. The nature of this card is the internal urge, the desire, and the opening of self which allow us to pursue the new beginning. Aces are not simply marks on a timeline. They embody the natural energy of their suit, complete within itself.

When we ask the cards for guidance about love, the Ace doesn’t just foretell a new love interest. When asking about our spiritual journey, the message isn’t simply to start something new. The Ace of Cups tells us to look within ourselves. In truth, the cup we hold is our own. We need only to gaze into the waters which we hold in order to understand the lesson before us.

When do I get the Ace of Cups in readings? Certainly not every time a new love interest is around the corner! Actually, I get this card most often when i forget to celebrate the natural energy of Cups in my life. When I’m feeling down, or lonesome, or listless, the Ace of Cups pops up to say “Hey! Look at what’s still here!” And, sure enough, just because I’m not in love with anyone doesn’t mean I’m not capable of feeling love. Just because I didn’t win that grand prize, doesn’t mean I’m unlucky. (Luck is one of those less-mentioned attributes of the Cups suit. We’ll hit that in a post down the road, don’t let me forget!) No matter what my ‘issue,’ the Ace of Cups is always there and ready to help me see that all these things I value are still inside me. Still within. I may not always have the amount of cups i want or wish for, but I’ll always have the water with which to fill them.

May your cup always be full.

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