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Deck Review: The Archeon Tarot

Updated: Apr 5

Timothy Lantz has built a career out of graphic design, art production and education, and studies in communications. He has also spent most of his life reading tarot.

His Archeon Tarot showcases his mastery in all of these skills. This deck is a delightful departure from so many ‘cookie-cutter’ decks that so often fill the shelves of new age stores. Upon close examination, the reader will find very little imagery copied from the traditional Rider or Thoth decks. Lantz has, instead, used his exceptional skills in photography and graphic design to create something totally unique. His images are deep, vivid, engaging, full of detail, and fill the space well on the cards.

Experienced readers will be pleased to find that this is more than just an ‘art deck.’ Each card overflows with details and images which lend themselves very well to interpretation. Just enough traditional ideas are included to keep this deck feeling familiar, and most readers will have no trouble diving right into reading with this deck. Lantz’s imagery is emotionally engaging, and takes the reader on an exciting journey. Intuitive readers will have a very enjoyable experience exploring the many levels of meaning each card presents. Readers who are accustomed to more traditional meanings for each card will find the artist has been pleasantly faithful to the established ideas for tarot.

While this deck has quite a lot to offer any reader, (or any fan of tarot artwork,) this may not be the easiest deck for novice readers to learn with. Because of their artistic departure from traditional Rider imagery, the images may not instantly ‘connect’ for new readers working with those meanings. It can be done, however, and this may be the deck that speaks to a reader looking for a deck to call their own.

For masters and novices alike, the Archeon Tarot has quite a lot to offer. Lantz’s artwork has been called “beautiful melancholy,” and offers a reading experience that is emotionally and psychologically engaging, as well as visually exciting. A ‘must-have’ for any collection.

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