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A New Year's Tarot Spread

Updated: Apr 5

With the holiday season in full swing, most of us are just trying to get through the next few weeks with our sanity intact. Between shopping, social engagements, work parties, gift exchanges, and family commitments, everyone’s time and energy are definitely at a premium this month. Still, though, there’s only a couple of weeks left: in the month, the year, even the decade.

With every discarded page of the calendar, it’s in our nature to see the next page as significant. The empty boxes are each a clean slate - somewhere for us to start fresh and try to make something a little better for ourselves than what’s gone before. We reinvent ourselves. We make resolutions to be happier, healthier, better people than we were last year. As the frantic energy of the holiday season dissipates, we look around in the sudden quiet and wonder: “What’s next?”

Most of you know that I don’t read tarot cards myself, I also teach! Leading others through the journey of understanding the cards has definitely helped me become a better reader; and it’s a frequent truth that I learn as much from my students as they learn from me.

I was lucky enough to sit down with one of my students recently and do a reading about the year ahead. She brought in a spread that she’d found online, and I enjoyed it so much that I’m happy to share it with you here! Rather than so many spreads which just draw a card for each month, this one is much smaller and explores the energy and feel of the year ahead.

Card 1 : The main theme of this new year. Card 2 : Departing energies from last year. Card 3 : Talents you'll be expressing this year. Card 4 : Future opportunities. Card 5 : Upcoming obstacles. Card 6 : How to deal with upcoming obstacles. Card 7 : How to achieve your goals and dreams. As you can see, this is a great spread for taking a look at the coming year in a useful and productive way. Here's hoping this spread helps you start 2020 off better-equipped to handle everything life has in store...

...and Happy New Year!

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