• Kevin


Updated: Apr 5

This journey begins around 6:00 am. The achy old man rolls outta bed, looking forward to what adventures await. Getting the coffee started is the first thing that comes to mind, then a quick shower. I'm all cleaned up now and ready to face the world, sipping a wonderful cup of herbal blended coffee. It's time to check emails and social media to ensure that all overnight questions and comments are answered and checked off the list.

My excitement for the day grows as I start getting the store ready for all my guests to arrive. I get a fresh batch of tea brewing, clean and dust, and stock all the shelves. The oil diffusers are full, filling the air with aroma that can only be found at the Apothecary! The fountain is flowing. Ahhh, what a peaceful place to be. I can't wait to see who's the first to greet me.

With a grin from ear to ear I say, "Welcome to the Apothecary! Welcome my friend! Would you like a cup of tea? Tinctures, you see! Would you like to make a perfume with me?" "Salve is what I need."

"Where can your sage be found?"

Follow me downstairs!.



"Check out those crystals and spheres! Energy seems to abound!" "Let us check a book to see what can be found. Incense and candles are the extras you'll need. It's like magic 1-2-3..."